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Terms and Conditions

Version 1.0.6 | Published 2024-07-09 A/S (GoGift) is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of Denmark. GoGift currently operates gift card and gifting solutions in more than 50 countries ( GoGift works with an extensive number of brand partners, gift card issuers and experience providers distributing millions of gift cards annually to corporate clients and consumers, serving every imaginable gifting purpose.

1 Agreement

1.1    In these terms and conditions, “we”, “us”, “our” or “GoGift” refers to A/S, a company registered in Denmark at Mosedalvej 14, 2500 Valby, Denmark. “You” and “your” refers to the private or business customer purchasing The Global Gift Card, partner gift cards or products. “Website” refers to

1.2    By purchasing and/or using The Global Gift Card, Partner Gift Cards or products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”). If you purchased The Global Gift Card for use by someone else, then you must advise the user of The Global Gift Card of the user terms (2. About ‘The Global Gift Card’, below).

1.3    These terms and conditions may be subject to change from time to time by us. 

1.4    These terms and conditions will be made available in the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

1.5    Customer Services: If you have any queries contact Customer Services by e-mail at or by telephone at +45 70 89 00 60. 

2 About The Global Gift Card for Corporate Clients

2.1    The Global Gift Card (TGGC), sometimes known as “The Super Gift Card” (SGK), is GoGift's universal gift card issued in AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, PLN, SEK and USD.
The gift card is a multi-voucher (two-step redemption) that can be redeemed into gift cards in the specific countries in which TGGC have been dispatched to an end user. An end user is typically a corporate employee, a customer of GoGift’s corporate client or in other ways an individual with an association or relation to GoGift’s corporate client. Thus, the intended purpose of TGGC is not reselling, but for employee gifts, rewards, incentives etc.

2.2    The sales are purely directed at corporate clients (Corporate Client) and sold on the following basis, unless stated otherwise regarding a specific country or region: 

2.2.1    GoGift ⇔ Corporate Client: In the relationship between GoGift and the Corporate Client, GoGift enters into a contract with the Corporate Client. GoGift’s responsibilities (and liabilities) are to Corporate Clients only, not the recipient of the TGGC. GoGift will comply with laws and regulations relevant to this relationship i.e. it is not subject to consumer laws. Even though GoGift are handling the distribution of TGGC to recipients of TGGC, GoGift do so on behalf of the Corporate Client. GoGift do not enter into a relationship with the individual recipients of TGGC. This applies to partner gift cards bought by Corporate Clients as well.

2.2.2    Corporate Client ⇔ Holder/recipient of TGGC: When TGGC is received by the holder/recipient, e.g. an employee of the Corporate Client, GoGift has no liability towards the holder of TGGC because it is something the Corporate Client has gifted or rewarded an employee, customer or other person with a direct relation to the Corporate Client. In the event the holder/recipient of TGGC has any queries or complaints about TGGC, the recipient directs these to the Corporate Client.

2.2.3    Holder/recipient of TGGC ⇔ Retailer of redeemed gift card: When TGGC is redeemed and used to purchase a gift card or goods from a particular retailer in the country of redemption, e.g. Amazon, Zalando, Media Markt, that retailer enters into a contractual relationship with the recipient for the provision of such goods. The retailer has a claim/receivable against GoGift in return for the gift card provided until this has been settled, but the retailer is responsible (and carries the liability for providing such goods (including their gift card in accordance with applicable law). Once the TGGC has been redeemed by GoGift and used to purchase goods, such purchased goods cannot be returned to GoGift.

2.3    It will be sold and issued in the following currencies AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, PLN, SEK and USD. At the time of redemption, TGGC can be redeemed to specific retail vouchers/gift cards in other currencies than the currency TGGC was issued in, but the holder cannot exchange TGGC in one currency to TGGC in another currency. 

2.4    If it is redeemed to a retail voucher in another currency than the issuance currency of TGGC, GoGift uses the daily rate of the Danish National Bank and/or 

2.5    It can be used to purchase Partner Gift Cards in currencies different to the currency TGGC was issued in, however a foreign exchange fee of up to 3% may be charged by GoGift (as a deduction on TGGC balance).

2.6    It will be issued by GoGift in digital form from Denmark. It is provided as a code, with a predefined value set by the purchaser (a corporate client).

2.7    It is non-reloadable.

2.8    There are no minimum and maximum values unless country restrictions apply. For specific country restrictions, please see section 2.24.

2.9    It is not available for sale to the general market i.e. individuals (consumers) cannot purchase the card.

2.10    It is only available for sale to business customers (not individuals) for use in sales incentives, employee benefits and rewards and other similar programmes operated by you.  
In the US, it is only allowed as a loyalty/reward program use.

2.11    It can be purchased directly from GoGift’s website when logged in as a corporate client.

2.12    It can be used to purchase products and third-party gift cards (“Partner Gift Cards”) from GoGift in the specific countries to which TGGC has been dispatched. The list of countries available for redemption can be found on our Website when logged in as a corporate client, and may be varied from time to time at GoGift´s discretion. The products and gift cards available from GoGift that are available for each country are listed on the Website. Products and Partner Gift Cards may vary from country to country. 

2.13    It is issued and activated at no fee to you or the user of TGGC.

2.14    It can be redeemed in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

2.15    It is activated at time of dispatch from GoGift.

2.16    It cannot be redeemed by any other party than GoGift. 

2.17    It cannot be exchanged for cash.

2.18    The holder of TGGC cannot exchange it for another TGGC in a different currency.

2.19    Third party (retailers/partners) gift cards purchased on the GoGift website by redeeming TGGC will be subject to their own terms and conditions of use (provided by the issuer of such gift cards).

2.20    On expiry any unspent funds remaining will be treated as breakage and retained by GoGift. 

2.21    Fulfilment: TGGCs are either sent in bulk to the corporate client, or, at the request of the client, they can be sent digitally to individuals fulfilled by GoGift.

2.22    All operations for the TGGC will be managed from Denmark under Danish VAT number. Unless otherwise required, GoGift do not intend to have a physical presence in other countries.

2.23    The liability towards the recipient of TGGC is passed on to the chosen retailer upon redemption of TGGC.

2.24    Country restrictions on minimum and maximum values follows below. It is the obligation of the corporate client to follow these country specific restrictions when ordering TGGC:

Australia: If TGGC in the specific use case falls within the law value non cash payment facility exemption the max value should be AUS$1,000 or the equivalent in other currencies.

France: Maximum issuance value is set to 150 Euros per legal requirement.

Germany: Vouchers that make use of an exception under PSD2 (limited network or limited range) may generally only be issued up to a face value of EUR 250. In some cases, this may be exempted from as TGGC is both issued and accepted by GoGift.

UK: Maximum value is set to £10,000.

USA: Different limits apply depending on whether TGGC qualifies for an exemption applicable to prepaid programs. The exemptions are:  


     (1) It provides closed loop prepaid access to funds not exceeding $2,000 maximum value that can be associated with a prepaid access device or vehicle on any day; or 


     (2) It provides prepaid access solely to (a) employment benefits, incentives, wages or salaries; or (b) open loop prepaid access to funds not to exceed $1,000 maximum value and from which no more than $1,000 maximum value can be initially or subsequently loaded, used or withdrawn on any one day; and, for either of the above, it does not permit (i) funds or value to be transmitted internationally, (ii) transfers between or among users of prepaid access within a prepaid program; or (iii) loading of additional funds or value from non-depository sources.   


     If the TGGC in the specific use case qualifies for these exceptions, then GoGift would not be a provider of prepaid access because a person is a provider of prepaid access only with respect to prepaid programs.

     Where no exemption applies, GoGift complies with AML requirements.

3 Purchasing products from GoGift

3.1    When applicable, a range of products are available on the Website that can be purchased when redeeming TGGC.

3.2    The product assortment will vary according to country, and not all countries are subject to purchasing goods/products directly from GoGift.

3.3    Goods purchased from GoGift are shipped from Denmark, unless stated otherwise.

3.4    Products sold by GoGift are subject to GoGift’s terms of purchase (see section 18).

4 Purchasing partner gift cards from GoGift

4.1    We handle third party gift cards, which we refer to as “partner gift cards” such as Amazon, Zalando, H&M gift cards. The list of partner gift cards available in each country can be found on the Website.

4.2    Partner gift cards can only be spent at the relevant partner’s store and/or via its website.

4.3    Partner gift cards purchased on our Website are subject to the relevant partner gift card terms and conditions of use.

4.4    The partner is responsible for the redemption of its partner gift card and for dealing with any queries arising from its use, including any defects relating to its partner gift card and the products or the services purchased with it. The partner is with whom the partner gift card is redeemable.

4.5    You purchase the partner gift card from GoGift, but you can only redeem it on the partner's website or in their physical shop.

4.6    Be aware that if the partner ceases to trade or carry on its business for any reason, you (or the holder) will not be able to get a refund for the partner gift card or any other compensation from GoGift.

4.7    Cash redemption of the partner gift card must take place with the partner and is subject to the partner's terms and conditions and must be agreed with the partner.

4.8    Any queries or complaints regarding goods or services purchased using a partner gift card, or with respect to the partner gift card itself must be raised with the relevant partner. GoGift is not liable for the partner gift card nor any defects or deficiencies in the partner’s products or services.

5 Lost or Stolen

5.1    The TGGC may not be replaced if misused, lost, stolen or damaged. You are responsible for all transactions on TGGC, except where there has been fraud or negligence by our staff or agents. If you notice any error relating to TGGC or you lose your TGGC, then you should contact Customer Services immediately.

5.2    In the event a TGGC is lost or stolen, we will use reasonable endeavours to replace it. However, we will not be responsible for any losses incurred by you or the holder of TGGC in relation to such lost/stolen TGGC.

6 Ordering

​You can order Cards from us in the following ways: Online via the Website and by contacting Sales/Customer Services.

6.1    After placing an order we keep the order information in our system. The order confirmation is sent to your stated e-mail address as well as added to your Order History overview.

6.2    Orders will only be completed once you have paid for it (or when credit limits are available).

7 Payment

7.1    GoGift offer multiple payment options that may vary depending on the country of residence: Credit card (VISA, Maestro, MasterCard and American Express), MobilePay, Swish and bank payments.

7.2    Credit Card payments are handled by AltaPay. See more on AltaPay's payment network here:

7.3    Payment by invoice, including EAN etc, can be applied for by contacting GoGift Sales. When applying for such, the applying company will go through an internal credit approval process.

7.4    The amount of the order is deducted from credit when the order is completed by GoGift. An amount greater than what you have approved at the time of purchase can never be deducted.

8 Delivery

8.1    TGGC's and Partner Gift Cards, as well as physical products, can be delivered by email, text messages (SMS) and physical post (postal or freight service) – however not all gift cards (TGGC or partner gift cards) are applicable for all delivery methods.

8.2    TGGC and partner gift cards may also be sent in bulk to you to your stated email address, or, at your request, they can be sent digitally to individuals, when you have provided us with the relevant contact information.

8.3    To view gift cards delivered by a text message (SMS) the recipient must have a smartphone with an active internet connection.

9 No exchange for cash

9.1    Save as set out below, the value on TGGC cannot be exchanged for cash unless required by local law.


In the US and Canada, TGGC is considered as a reward or loyalty voucher and not a gift card, and therefore it cannot be exchanged for cash neither.


To request a cash exchange in Denmark, please contact Customer Services. This only applies to TGGC received from a consumer. If TGGC is received from a Corporate Client it is not exchangeable for cash.

10 Validity

10.1    Unless required otherwise by law and/or set out below, TGGC is valid for a period of 3 years from activation. Activation occurs at the time TGGC is dispatched. Subject to the provisions in section 6 above, on expiry, any unspent funds remaining on TGGC can no longer be used or redeemed.

10.2    Where TGGC is issued to the countries listed below, the following shall apply:

Canada: TGGC does not have an expiry period.

Germany: TGGC is valid for 3 years beginning at the end of the year in which it was dispatched to you.

10.3    Partners are responsible for setting the validity period of their partner gift cards. We are not responsible for the partner gift card terms of use, nor the information provided by partners on the Website.

11 Return Policy

11.1    Unless required otherwise by law or as set out below, once you have placed your order for TGGC and/or partner gift cards, it is non-refundable.


Brazil: You may cancel your order within 7 days of the date you placed it.

11.2    Where a right of cancellation applies, you can contact Customer Services within the eligible period stating your wish to cancel. We will then cancel TGGC and/or the partner gift cards.

11.3    Once your order is cancelled, we shall refund the balance to you.

11.4    Be aware your bank may hold the refunded amount for up to 30 days prior to releasing it to you.

12 Liability

12.1    We have no liability for unauthorized access to or use of your TGGC(s), for any delay or inability to use TGGC or if we have blocked the use of TGGC(s) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

12.2    Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits our liability where it cannot be limited or excluded at law.

13 Complaints

13.1    If you are not satisfied with TGGC or our service, please contact Customer Services.

13.2    If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome, you are entitled to submit an official complaint.


Residents in Denmark may use Center for Klageløsning, Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg, via Klageportalen for Nævnenes Hus:


Residents outside of Denmark can submit an official comptaint directly through the EU Commission’s online complaint portal: When submitting a complaint, you must provide our e-mail address, please use

14 Intellectual Property Rights

14.1    All intellectual property rights in TGGC and the Website are owned or provided under license to GoGift. Unless expressly agreed by GoGift in writing, you have no right or title to such intellectual property rights.

14.2    You shall not use the brand, logo, or graphics of (or any that are similar to) TGGC or the Website without the written permission from GoGift. 

15 Personal Data Processing

15.1    We may collect and process personal data (if you have provided it to us) to process your order and to provide you (and the holder) the service you request. We will only use the information that we collect about you in accordance with applicable law.

15.2    Such activities are set out in our Privacy Policy.

15.3    For full information about the personal data we process see our privacy policy.

16 Excluded countries

​16.1    TGGC cannot be purchased from or issued to recipients located in Afghanistan, American Samoa, American Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Barbados, Belarus, British Virgin Islands, Burundi, Central African Republic, Costa Rica, Crimea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Democratic Republic of Congo, Donetsk, Fiji, Guam, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kazakhstan, Kherson, Kyrgyzstan, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Luhansk, Mali, Marshall Islands, Myanmar (Burma), Nicaragua, Palau, Panama, Russia, Samoa, Sevastopol, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Trinidad, Tobago, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Yemen and Zaporizhzhia.

17 Governing Law

17.1    These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Denmark and the court of Copenhagen, Denmark, shall have exclusive jurisdiction unless pre-emptive law dictates otherwise. This also applies to international sales.

18 Consumer specific Terms and Conditions

18.1    Cash redemption (only applicable for residents in Denmark).

18.1.1    Cash redemption of SGK is done by GoGift. A fee of 25 DKK is applied, not dependent on the issued amount on the SGK.

18.1.2    Cash redemption of the partner gift card must take place with the partner and is subject to the partner's terms and conditions.

18.2    Return policy of SGK and partner gift cards. The return policy runs 14 days from the time the purchased SGK, partner gift card or product is received by the recipient.

18.3    If you want to make use of the return policy you must within 14 days contact Customer Services and state that you wish to return your order. You are welcome to use this return formula (link). You have 14 days to return the physical gift card to us to the address stated below. The items must be returned to us in the same condition as received: A/S
Att. Kundeservice
Mosedalvej 14
2500 Valby

Remember to enclose information that enables us to identify you: Name, address, email address and telephone number + possibly. copy of the order confirmation. 

NB! Digital gift cards should not be returned to us.


18.4    The shipping costs incurred for returning gift cards are covered by the customer. GoGift is not responsible for gift cards that are returned and which do not reach us. We recommend sending a registered letter, but it is entirely up to you to decide how you want to send the gift card back to us.


18.5    The moment your order is cancelled, GoGift automatically releases reservations on your debit card. If you have used a debit card, such as Visa Electron or Mastercard, your bank can keep the amount for up to 30 days. Most banks can release reservations earlier.


18.6    Only gift card buyers can get a refund. Once the buyer has sent a gift card back to the above address, we credit the purchase and return the amount to the payment card used for the purchase within 14 days of receipt. Gift card recipient can exchange for another product within 14 days, but can not exchange for cash.


18.7    Warranty


18.7.1    Complaints regarding the service or product for which you have redeemed your partner gift card must be made to the partner. GoGift is not liable for errors or omissions in the partner's products or services.


18.7.2    However, it is a prerequisite that these deficiencies have not arisen as a result of your use of the product or other damaging behaviour.


18.7.3    We will reimburse reasonable shipping costs that you may have in relation with the return of the item when the complaint is justified.


18.7.4    If you want to address warranty issues for a physical product ordered on, please contact us at: A/S 
Bogøvej 6 
4760 Vordingborg

+45 70890060 


When returning a product, please include your name and address or order number. A/S
Mosedalvej 14


​​Int. VAT no.: 27322034​

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