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Congratulations on receiving a Super Gift Card or The Global Gift Card!

These are our
redemption guides


Both gift cards gives you access to choose among all our brands and experiences. Download your gift card, or have it ready in your hand, and redeem it on our website. When redeeming, you basically "exchange" your Super Gift Card and The Global Gift Card to one or more new gift cards from the brand or experience you chose. 

Our redemption process is simple, just follow the steps outlined below:


The Super Gift Card and The Global Gift Card is only usably directly on — it is not usable in stores, neither physical store nor web shops.

1. Register your voucher code

Access the registration page directly here »

You will be asked to verify the location we automatically placed you in.

Important: This location must be your country of residence.

If you need to change it, then choose the correct country in the dropdown and click confirm. 

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Type in the voucher code and pin code written inside your Super Gift Card or on The Global Gift Card.

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2. Your Redemption Overview

Once your voucher code is registered, you will gain access to GoGift's redemption universe. The amount on your Super Gift Card or The Global Gift Card is now added to your basket balance.

Along the bottom the screen is your redemption overview. It is clickable, and opening it reveals your registered voucher codes as well as your balance.


If you have more than one Super Gift Card or The Global Gift Card, those can be added to your balance by clicking "Add another gift card". This will lead you back to step 1, and once step 1 is finished you will be able to see both gift cards in your redemption overview.

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3. Find the gift card or physical product you want to redeem to

Use the search function, filtration options or simply scroll through all our gift cards and physical products to find something interesting.

Click on a gift card or physical product to access the product page and read more about it. In order to return to the gift card list, click "See all gift cards" through the navigation.

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4. Fill out recipient information and add to basket

A few things must be done in order to add a gift card to the basket:

1. Choose which delivery method you wish to receive your gift card through. We offer e-mail and phone delivery on most gift cards, and some are deliverable physically by post as well.

2. Choose which value you want the gift card to be on. The value is subtracted from your basket balance.

3. Choose quantity of gift cards.

Once you are done with the above, add the gift card to the basket.


5. Fill out billing information in the basket

Go to the basket once you are ready to finalise your redemption. Here you can look through your order and edit something if necessary.

If you wish to add more gift cards to the basket, go to step 3.

Fill out the billing information as shown below.

Important: Country must be your country of residence.


6. Finalise redemption

Have you spent less than your gift card balance?
If you have not spent more than your balance is on, then complete your order by clicking Finalise order. The order has now been placed and you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail shortly. Your gift card will be delivered with the chosen delivery method as soon as possible*.

You may come back and redeem the rest of your Super Gift Card or Global Gift Card whenever you want.

Have you spent more than your gift card balance?
If you have more in the basket than your balance covers, then you can pay the difference. Click Continue to payment and select the form of payment you want to use. Follow the instructions until you are directed to the order confirmation page. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail shortly.

* Digital gift cards by e-mail and SMS are typically sent immediately, however, we regularly take out gift cards for random checks for reasons of money laundering legislation, etc. It can therefore take up to an hour in some cases. Physical gift cards are typically sent the same day for delivery by mail.

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