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The Human Connection Train – It stops where you are!


Virtual meetups simplified connecting when we needed it – but we don’t have to keep everything online because of ‘convenience.’ Nothing replaces face-to-face communication, advises Greg Topalian, CEO of Clarion Events North America, in a TSNN interview. “While there is some exciting new progress on digital products, they don’t replace the value of meeting in person,” so we can still count on face-to-face events for the kind of lead generation and customer acquisition companies need for growth.

And if you dream of a virtual world – within digital channels and data-led solutions; they can simply never replace in-person experiences, says Nancy Walsh, president of Informa Markets, North America. In reflecting on the importance of in-person trade shows, she says product and supplier discovery are available virtually, but you miss the tactile experience of seeing and feeling a product and the opportunity to build relationships. “Our goal is to create meaningful connections that accelerate growth opportunities for the communities we serve, and there is no tool more powerful to accomplish that than face-to-face.” We’re still committed to in-person events due to the positive effect of the thrill of being there, live and present.

The rise of virtual elements has given us flexibility in allowing our targeted communities to interact and stay in contact with our event network even after the event. Now we can implement a digital strategy when reaching out post-event and following up with business relations. It’s more efficient to catch up on a video call and use digital apps and data solutions, giving us new ways to interact and keep our communities connected and involved beyond the event.


The people behind trade shows, conferences, and networking events face many challenges and deserve a continuous round of applause. At GoGift, we really appreciate these efforts and try to support our industry's desire to come together and work together in the best way we can.

By participating in dynamic face-to-face environments, we bridge the global gap by providing access to people and knowledge from everywhere. And if you know GoGift, we are all about bringing our industry together across the globe. Step on the human connection train – if the train stops where your people are, you’re headed in the right direction.

Take a stop at GoGift and come visit us at our Copenhagen office! Our door is always open, and we are eager to show you around, have a chat and get to know you better.


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