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How to use gift cards to increase traffic and sales to your business during seasonal occasions

It's not rocket science that the sale of gift cards increases during the Christmas holidays, Mother's Day, and other seasonal occasions. Trust us; as a gifting company with 20 years in the industry, we’ve seen it all!

It's great to see revenues grow around occasions like the ones mentioned above – but why leave it to mainstream holidays? Why not use the momentum to increase your sales even more? Here are our suggestions on how you can tweak your marketing plan with gift cards:

  • Social media is here to stay! Let's face it; you must be present on social platforms. This is where people are, and this is where people see lots of content (including advertising of your products). So make an effort to promote your business. This is a good idea all year round, but having a special seasonal occasion as a framework makes the promotional context easier to work with. Also, consider boosting your content to reach an even bigger audience. Use gift cards here in competitions or to introduce new products.

  • Newsletters! Another great way to remind your audience that you (and your great products) exist is by promoting your products via targeted e-mail campaigns. Introducing a gift card via your newsletters is a great way to push a new product into the market and introduce it to your target groups.

  • Providing your consumers with a limited-time offer can also be a good idea. E.g., add an extra product to their order or top up the gift card's value. Such options could encourage people to buy here and now and, at the same time to not wait/hesitate or choose another gift card provider.

  • Give the recipients a helping hand and tell them what their options are. Maybe the recipient is new to your shop, so guiding them helps their individual experience (which may make them come back later for more). By providing info about all your opportunities, the customer could be tempted by all your great options and thereby – again – buy more than they initially intended.

  • Finally, customization is key! Customization options make the gift card experience better. Generic gift cards are always nice enough to receive, but taking the time to create something extra personal enables you to show off your voice or personality. It demonstrates you put in that spare time (i.e., extra consideration) and shows you value your recipient.

So, go ahead and start increasing your revenues even more by exploiting special occasions! But remember: to use the seasonal momentum effectively, the most important thing is to plan your campaigns ahead of time.

Good luck!


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