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GoGift wants to know about your most awkward gifting moment!

Submit your response to, and you could be the lucky winner of a €100 The Global Gift Card!

Most likely, you have been involved in an awkward or boring business gifting scenario, where just before the questionable “thank you,” there’s that face that says it all. After the look of disappointment – an unforgettable moment! – You find yourself in an uncomfortable exchange, and it may not have been the first time, and you feel…embarrassed! Frustrated! And mainly like that uneasy feeling will forever be embedded in your business relationship.

Yes, finding “the perfect gift” can be a challenge, and we all want to make a good impression. But a good intention might end up as an exaggerated or trivial gift that serves no purpose.

Kind of like receiving branded company swag you know is being bought in bulk for corporate events, and you’ve now started making art sculptures out of your collection of stress balls. That time you gave out gift baskets with an assortment of edible items, not considering individual food and drink preferences and allergies. The holidays come around, and the Christmas spirit is evoked through shiny-but-creepy-kitsch Santa ornaments for all, but some don’t celebrate that specific holiday. What about the cheap items that made you feel like placing a 70%-off discount sticker on your forehead? Or gifting a book to everyone you didn’t realize was racially, politically, or religiously charged, and you potentially created an office battle through heated ideological debates in the workplace.

It’s not easy to fix what’s broken, but putting more thought into the global aspect of corporate gifting and remembering that different cultural backgrounds and individual preferences are key pieces of international gift-giving can help avoid an uncomfortable situation.

In each of those gifting moments, through the challenges of finding a gift that fits all, customizing it to make it stand out, and making a lasting impression, you want people to feel joy and experience a personal exchange and, every time, show that you care. At least, at GoGift, we know that people never forget how you made them feel and understand the challenges in mastering gift-giving, so we are here to help make sure you get it right the first time!


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