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GoGift treats Danes and Finns to croissants and hotdogs – it only takes them a swipe

At GoGift, they have for more than a year been teaming up with MobilePay, which is the market-leading mobile payment application in Denmark – in fact, 9 out of 10 Danes carries the app on their phones.

For more than a year, GoGift and MobilePay have enabled people to use their smartphones to treat friends, family and other loved ones to all kinds of gifts. Simply by swiping their thumbs on their phones.

First of all, lots of gift cards to well-known international brands for clothing, homeware, electronics, take-away and much more have been sent via lots of phones (and they keep sending as we speak).

However, it turns out that the app seems especially popular for sending nice little “everyday gifts” such as hot dogs, coffees, croissants, ice creams, sodas, candy, and so much more. These so-called “instant gifts” are used every day by the Danes as easy ‘thank you’-gestures, and small acknowledgement presents to others. These gestures are quite convenient when you want to thank someone for babysitting or dog-walking or for when you want to acknowledge a hard-working mum or a friend who nailed an exam. All in all, these small “app-gifts” are perfect for people who deserve a little treat in their everyday lives.

And speaking of the 9 out of 10 Danes who have MobilePay – and thereby GoGift - in their pockets, gift-giving has never been easier!


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