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Digital gift cards are now available on MobilePay

December 16th, 2020

If you have not bought the last gifts, a digital gift card could be a great option. Together with GoGift, the mobile payment app "MobilePay" today launches the gift card that never disappears.

We have probably all had a gift card lying somewhere around, which has somehow disappeared over time? Today, MobilePay launches a digital gift card that will never disappear. The launch takes place in collaboration with the Nordic region's leading gift company, GoGift. Together they have created a smart digital gift marketplace.

The digital gift card will be available for the more than 4.2 million Danes currently using MobilePay. It is GoGift that distributes the gift cards with goods and experiences which the users can easily acquire.

"We successfully launched "MobilePay Cash Gifts" ["MobilePay Pengegaver"] less than a year ago. Now we go a step further and offer gift cards with associated items, both larger and smaller gifts such as a sweater from Zalando, a trip to the zoo or a cup of coffee from Espresso House. The goal is to make it easier and more fun for the users to give gifts," says Claus Bunkenborg, director of MobilePay.

There are no costs associated with using MobilePay Gifts except for the price of the gift card. Buying a gift card through the MobilePay app is quite simple. The user simply enters the app under ‘Gifts’ and selects the desired gift card. There are then three ways to give the gift card: You can send it immediately, schedule a delivery time, or write a gift code on a physical gift card in order for the recipient to redeem it in the app. Later on, it will also be possible for the user to send a gift card to him- or herself.

The MobilePay gift cards can be used for...:

Directly in the MobilePay app, users can find several kinds of gift cards. Here is an overview:

  • Experience gifts from, e.g. Tivoli, Copenhagen Zoo, National Aquarium Denmark, Lego House and Nordisk Film Biografer

  • Classic gift cards from, e.g. Zalando, Playstation, OutNorth and IKEA

  • "Everyday gifts" from, e.g. 7-Eleven and the Espresso House


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