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A sustainable work environment (within lots of areas)

October 27th, 2021

As a Scandinavian market leader within the gifting industry, GoGift finds it essential to take responsibility and be quite the role model when it comes to sustainability… And by sustainability, not only is their concern towards climate changes referred to here. They’re also concerned about the environment in terms of work ethics, diversity, and inclusion.

First things first, however, the gifting company ensures high environmental standards – this is e.g. done by contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gasses etc., by ensuring that gift cards are produced in an eco-friendly manner. That’s why all GoGift’s paper and packaging is FSC-certified and has the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. In other words, they’re ensuring high ecological requirements for the paper’s life cycle phases. At the same time, these certifications are backed up by green organizations like WWF, Greenpeace, and World Forest.

And not only is the gift card production eco-friendly. At the Copenhagen-based office, there is a strong focus on “going green” in terms of electricity, reducing the use of plastic products, and sorting all kinds of waste. Not to mention how their little company hens and rabbits are fed with leftovers from the canteen to reduce food waste.

As for diversity and inclusion, GoGift is proud to be part of the media concern, Egmont, which has strong policies ensuring that no one – in any of Egmont’s daughter companies – is discriminated by gender, age, handicap, ethnic or religious background in any matter.

All in all, by partnering up with or buying a product from GoGift, you will support a sustainable environment – within lots of areas.


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